Personal alarms are small devices used for security purposes. In the event that a stranger approaches your child and they become uncomfortable or scared, Back Off Bands give them the power to feel more secure. They produce a loud annoying sound when triggered. Their frequencies are damaging to the human ear. Personal alarms can be a powerful tool in the event of an attack. 

People can hear personal alarms from a considerable distance away. The shrilling sound can scare an attacker and call people to your child’s rescue. 

How Do Personal Safety Alarms Work?

Personal safety alarms have a panic button that triggers the alarm when pressed. The siren is a high-decibel noise meant to call for help or signify trouble. 

Parents can use personal alarms to trace a lost child or elderly citizens who cannot trace their way back home. People who cannot defend themselves or produce screams require personal alarms. It can come in handy when in trouble. 

Are Self-Defense Alarms Effective?

Self-defense alarms emit a loud sound that can only be silenced by pressing a button. The noise can reach approximately 130 decibels. The noise is loud enough to create attention. It out-does a train whistle, which registers about 90 decibels.

Using this noise against an assailant is advisable, as it is enough to generate panic or momentary disorientation. In addition, it gives a victim many opportunities to fight back, run away, or tell someone they are in imminent danger.

When the owner of a personal alarm is lost and needs to be found, the personal alarm can play a big role in locating them. It is also a wonderful tool for warning or alerting others during emergencies.

Who Are They Best For – Who Can Use Them?

Personal alarms are easy to use, making them convenient and appropriate for people who need extra security. In addition, they are fit for people with disabilities, children, and the elderly, as they do not need special skills or knowledge to operate. 

Professional law enforcers advocate for vulnerable persons to use personal alarms, considering citizens can use them to ward off threats. Unfortunately, some nations do not allow citizens to use safety products such as stun guns, making personal alarms their best way to secure themselves. 

Personal alarms serve as a great way to protect you when on roads in places where law enforcers restrict people from using pepper spray products.

When Can a Self Defense Alarm Not Work

Although self-defense alarms are effective at deterring crime or a possible attack and locating a lost loved one, they can fail in the following scenarios:

  • The user is in a remote location where no one can hear the alarm.
  • An attacker forcibly removes and disables the alarm, rendering it ineffective.
  • The alarm’s battery dies. This device requires charged batteries to function.

Personal Alarms for Children & Teens

These alarms can secure your child in risky conditions where you cannot contact them immediately. 

Protect Your Child’s Safety with Back-Off Bands

A child’s safety is a parent’s number one priority. With that, personal alarms for children are the best tools to secure them from bullies or assailants. Moreover, they are necessary with the rise of violence against children. 

Back Off Bands have the best and the most stylish personal alarms for children. Protect your child today by purchasing one of our best Back Off Bands on our website. Contact us for any inquiries.