Empower Kids to Protect Themselves With Back Off Bands

Far too often, the story of an abducted child ends with a frantic search. A child is taken, and precious time passes before anyone knows the child is missing. Back Off Bands is on a mission to make sure that no search is delayed, or even needed, by preventing children from being taken in the first place.

Back Off Bands is a simple, stylish wearable self-defense system that both protects and empowers kids. Designed to look like watches, Back Off Bands are wrist bands that come in a variety of colors with interchangeable faceplates that kids can personalize. Inside the band is a powerful 110-decibel alarm that kids can activate to draw attention to themselves and most importantly, scare off an attacker.

While most child-protection systems rely on expensive GPS tools designed to find missing children after they’ve been abducted, Back Off Bands focuses on preventing the attack. The alarm is powerful enough to ward off an attacker and affordable enough to be accessible for kids everywhere. “Every kid deserves to be safe,” says founder Charlotte Kay Yensen. “I wanted to create a tool that would allow kids everywhere to feel protected and also avoid an attack or abduction.”

Meet the Founder

Charlotte Kay Yensen spent her career working to help families feel secure and protected. For more than 20 years, she has helped families through the difficult transition of moving a loved one into Skilled Nursing care with her company, Long Term Care Solutions, LLC. Even while helping families protect their loved ones and the financial assets needed to do so, Charlotte was forming another idea that could help families. This time, the focus was on protecting children.

The idea was planted in 2004 when Charlotte was a mother with two young daughters. She saw the terrible footage of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia being led away by a man who would go on to abduct and kill her. Charlotte wanted to find a way to make sure this would never happen to her daughters — or any other child. Charlotte carried this idea with her for years and now, she has brought it to life. Through Back Off Bands, she hopes to help every kid in every community feel safe, secure, and empowered so stories like Carlie’s never happen again.

Charlotte Kay Yensen