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Personal Alarm Bands Protect Children and Teens

Personal body alarm for kids serves a crucial purpose, especially concerning individual safety. These devices send out distress calls whenever a child feels they are in a possible emergency or in harm’s way. Some of the benefits of using handheld alarms include:
Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons: These hand alarms are safe for carrying to school as they are only a beacon of distress against criminals and bullies, not actual weapons.
Work with the push of a Button: These devices immediately make a loud sound to alert parents or scare away attackers when you press a button.
Legal: These bands are legally accepted and can be used in every state in America.
Offer Uninterrupted Service: Once the bands are fully charged using a USB cable, they function for several hours uninterrupted.
Hard to Lose: These personal body alarm bands for kids and teens are worn on the wrist like a hand watch, so they can’t get lost easily while children are out playing or in school.

Personalized Safety for Your Children
Unlike other alarms, personal bands come in various options allowing your child to completely personalize their Back off Bands, from interchangeable straps to interchangeable faceplates. The straps are offered in the following colors:

Children who want their Back Off Bands band to match their mood can choose from any of the 20 (and growing) interchangeable faceplates. These plates have different images from White Tiger Fire to Girl Power or a Soccer Ball with Flames that can match different outfits and help make a fashion statement.

How to Use Back Off Bands Personal Alarm
Back Off Bands come with a charger and, if purchased, interchangeable plates and alum wrench to take off the faceplate and replace with another. Operating these personal body alarm bands is relatively easy; all there is to do is:
Squeeze both buttons on each side of the device simultaneously to turn it on.
Press the button underneath the device for five seconds to check or change the frequency mode
At low-frequency mode (105db), the orange light blinks slowly, while at high-frequency mode (120db), it blinks rapidly.
To change from high-frequency mode to low or otherwise mode, press the button at the back, then press the side button to select it as the preferred frequency.
The device releases a beep in low-frequency mode, while in high-frequency mode, the beep sounds twice.
To check the battery life of the personal alarm band, press the button at the back – a solid orange light indicates the device is charged, while orange-blinking light shows the band has less than 20% charge.
When charging the personal alarm band, the button underneath shows the color red, while green means it’s fully charged.
The frequency automatically sets itself to low if the device is completely drained and then charged back to full capacity. To adjust, repeat steps four and five.

Protect Your Children’s Safety with Back Off Bands
Personal alarm bands, or Back Off Bands, for kids are nonlethal self-defense tools meant to protect children against harm wherever they are in Florida, whether the Gulf Coast or the Everglades far south. These alarms operate with the touch of a button, are hard to lose, and can go uninterrupted for hours. Visit our website to purchase a personal body alarm to protect children from danger.

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