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Back Off Bands For Children

Kids pictured with added designer faceplate.

Details On Back Off Bands

A new one-of-a-kind youth alarm device is now available to protect children from those who try to attack or harm them.

Back Off Bands is a stylish wearable self-defense wristband for children ages 6 and up. Designed to look like watches, Back Off Bands come in a variety of different colors with interchangeable faceplates kids can choose from. Inside the band is a powerful 110 decibel-alarm kids can easily activate to draw attention to themselves. Pressing both buttons on each side of the band activates the alarm. The off button is cleverly on the backside of the device, concealed, so only the wearer has the ability to turn off the alarm. The device is charged by using the Back Off Band Micro-USB cable connected to a computer or charger block.

Kids will love to wear their Back Off Band, show off to their friends, but most importantly feel empowered and safe living their everyday life.

Sound level: For “High” the measured dB level is ~120. For “low” it is ~116. At 3 meters, the measured dB level is ~112 for the high setting while the low setting is measured ~104 dB.

Battery Life: Alarm will run for 10 minutes straight then shut off. The alarm can be turned on again for another 10 min and repeat this cycle a 3rd time.

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