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Did you know that carrying your smartphone, pepper spray, concealed weapon, or any other wearable device can help when facing a dangerous situation? We live in a world where the possibility of danger is lurking around any corner. Nobody wants to encounter these dangers, and parents cannot be everywhere simultaneously. 

Thankfully, personal safety alarms have been designed to help you and your loved ones stay safe while out and about. Back Off Bands have developed a personal safety alarm to attract attention whenever your children are in potentially threatening situations. Keep reading to learn about these custom-made personal alarms for children, teens, and women.

The beauty of the personal safety alarm system is that Back Off Bands have formulated them to signal your need for help without necessarily shouting for help or dialing an emergency number. 

These personal alarms are small and sound very loud to help scare threats, perfect for children, women, and teens.

This Small Device Will Give You Huge Peace of Mind

What can compel you to shop for these small personal safety alarms for your child from Back Off Bands is the fact that the bands are: 

Easy to Use

You don’t have to carry any pepper spray, conceal a weapon, shout for help or wear a piece of GPRS-connected jewelry. You need Back Off Bands. They have a 110-decibel that your child can activate to attract attention and eventually intercept a possible danger. 

You and Your Child will have a Peace of Mind

They will feel safe with these bands strapped to their wrist. 

The Bands are Portable

They can move around with one of these bands strapped on their wrists without worrying about being suspected, unlike with pepper spray or concealed weapons. 

It’s a Non-violent Way of Keeping Traffickers at Bay

Once you wear one of these bands, you don’t have to fight anybody who poses a threat to you. The personal safety alarm is designed to attract the attention of anyone near you once it’s activated. 

They are Affordable

The personal alarms are cheap and come in varied sizes suitable for your kids or anyone else. 

They are Special

What makes Back Off Bands special is that they are simple, stylish, and wearable. They can protect and empower you and your kids. 

These bands have unique features that make them suitable for anyone. 

The Bands

These bands can be worn by children, teens, women, or anybody who needs them. The personal safety alarm device looks like a wristwatch. 

Back Off Bands are:

  • High quality
  • Secure, and
  • Certain

There are different sizes, shapes, and colors suitable for your kids. This device can run for ten minutes before shutting off. 


The straps can be interchanged with any available colors for your kids to mix and match their outfits or mood.

Face Plates

Back Off Bands have faceplates that can be interchanged to your child’s preference. 


There are different charging options available, from Micro USB to USB connection cables. You can charge your device with these beautiful micro USB cables from Back Off Bands. 

Take Charge of Your Personal Safety

Personal safety arm devices come in different styles. They are small devices you wear all the time. 

Back Off Bands have designed a loud device to draw the attention of those near you anytime you are in danger. It eventually scares off the attacker. 

Don’t be left out. Shop Back Off Bands for self-defense for your kids. They deserve to be safe and protected from dangerous situations. Contact us for more information about our products.