Straps for Personal Safety Alarms

Back off Bands are a wearable alarm that looks just like a watch. It’s available for kids and teens and comes with various inter-changeable straps. Back Off Bands alarms are an effective safety tool that helps kids, teens, and parents feel safe.

The Back Off Band is comfortable and discreet but, when activated, sets off a 110-decibel alarm that scares off an attacker or other suspicious individual and can also alert anyone nearby that help is needed.

Personalize Your Safety

What makes Back Off Bands unique is the removable straps. They come in different sizes to fit children and teens and come in different colors and patterns, enabling wearers to change the look of their bracelet alarm to match their style and clothing. Bands come in two sizes for comfort, so they’ll fit your child or your teen.

The following colors are currently available on our site:

Kids are more likely to wear self-defense alarms if they like how they look. They’ll also enjoy the variety of being able to switch the bands to match or complement their outfits.

What Is a Personal Alarm?

Personal alarms have become an effective way for people to call for help when they don’t feel safe—preventing a personal attack or warding off a potential abductor. While no one likes to think of these events, they happen, and the use of a personal alarm in these situations can save the life of a loved one by preventing an abduction or attack from happening in the first place, which is the best possible outcome.

People who prey on children are not looking for confrontation. They don’t want to get caught or seen. They count on your child or teen not to fight back or draw attention. When an alarm bracelet is set off, their first instinct will be to run to avoid being caught.

Personal alarms are useful for children and adults of all ages. Elderly people often use them to alert loved ones or caregivers in the event of a fall or other situation. Young people on campuses can use them if they are feeling unsafe.

The best type of personal alarm is one you can wear and keep on at all times. Bracelet alarms are ideal because they are secure, easy to reach, and are securely fastened around the wrist.

Back Off Bands look much like a watch, with adjustable straps that are comfortable and secure. The straps are interchangeable, making them versatile and fun to wear.

Personal Alarms for Children & Teens

Personal alarms are beneficial for both children and teens. The ability to sound an alarm quickly and easily means averting danger, which means peace of mind.

As parents, we know that kids and teens need the freedom to play and grow. Some situations may arise that we have no control over, and there are times when we can’t be there. Whether it’s at school or an outing with friends, it’s important to ensure they have the means to protect themselves.

It starts with teaching children about safety from an early age. We don’t want our children to be fearful, but we want them to be alert and trust their instincts. We also want to empower them with tools to help them keep themselves safe.

Alarm bracelets are a powerful way to do just that. If they are approached by someone trying to threaten or coerce them, they can activate the Back Off Band to deter them. If someone is making your child feel unsafe or threatened, once they activate the Back Off Band 110-decibel alarm is released, alerting nearby helpers and startles and often scares off would-be abductors or assailants.

Back Off Bands are also helpful if a child becomes lost, for example, on a camping or hiking trip or in the case of a fall or injury where the child is out of sight.

Learn the Comfort of Personal Safety

Back Off Bands are an easy-to-wear and customizable personal safety alarm your kids can use to ward off a potential attack or abduction. For parents and their children, this offers peace of mind daily. For young people, a personal alarm is empowering and dramatically increases day-to-day safety and security when used in conjunction with good safety habits and awareness. To learn more about Back Off Bands, contact us today to discover how this product can help your family.