Why Choose Back Off Bands

Screaming is a natural (and usually unconscious) response when experiencing a dangerous situation. It is also quite effective, as it can scare off would-be attackers and alert other people about the victim’s position.

Back Off Bands are designed around this concept: raising an unmistakable audible alarm when confronted with a dangerous situation. This article details the importance of Back Off Bands to various vulnerable demographics.

What is a Personal Alarm? 

A personal alarm is a small device designed to emit loud (ear-piercing) sounds once activated. The device is designed to look like an ordinary accessory, such as a watch or necklace pendant. In this case, Back Off Bands are designed to look like watches or bracelets. Personal alarms are useful among various vulnerable demographics, including children, teens,  women, and senior citizens.

Personal Alarms for Children

Children can do so much and go so far in just a few seconds, and a lot can happen in those few seconds. Parents want their children to experience some freedom in playing outside, as they once did. Having a Back Off Band can help them achieve that independence.

Our Back Off Bands come in 2 different sound modes, 105 decibels, and 120 decibels. At 120 dB, you can hear your child’s alert up to 91.4 meters, or 300 ft away; that’s the length of a football field! 105 dB can be heard about 16 meters, or 52 feet, away.

Personal Alarms for Teens 

Teens also face many possible dangers in their everyday lives. Teens long for maximum independence. It’s part of their development, as is building new relationships outside of the family. When they wear Back Off Bands, they can have a sense of security when they’re on their own out in the world. If anything happens, they can activate their Back Off Bands three times for ten minutes a piece to alert those around them and find safety.

Personal Alarms for Children & Teens

One child goes missing approximately every 40 seconds in the U.S.A. Children are also not immune to violent attacks perpetrated by adults and peers. Sadly, many children are helpless in the face of such dangers.

A child safety alarm bracelet is usually an efficient deterrent against attacks and abductions. Many would-be attackers and abductors will abandon their targets when the alarm goes off. Back Off Bands sells stylish, customizable, and reliable child alarm bracelets.

Learn the Benefits of Personal Safety Alarms

Personal safety alarms have potentially life-saving benefits, including:

  • Deterring & Preventing Attacks

Crimes are often perpetrated in privacy. Personal safety alarm devices emit loud noises that thwart the attackers’ privacy and secrecy, scaring them off and preventing physical attacks, abductions, and other dangers.

  • Calling for Help

Loud sounds are easy to track, making it easy for people wearing personal safety alert devices to call for help. They are reliable when tracking missing children when the abduction is underway and locating missing adults.

  • Getting Peace of Mind

Imagine the anguish of seeing a loved one dead or in pain after an attack – or not knowing where a child or loved one is and what they may be going through! Personal safety alarm devices considerably reduce the risk of such dangers, giving parents and other loved ones some much-needed peace of mind. If you have any questions, please Contact Us today. If you have anymore questions, please call 727-205-4236.